Sunday, 16 March 2014

Is Council Tax Lawful Let's GO TO COURT!

Is any state levy on the man or woman lawful? The Get Out Of Debt Free nutters go to Nottingham Magistrate's Court to make a good point about liabilities and get hassled by the usual jobsworth before managing to get left alone for a few minutes to make this video.

As for being imprisoned or threatened for refusal to pay alleged obligations, you might ask in your paperwork submitted before going to court -
 'Is the man/woman who is making this claim (only a man or woman can make a claim as opposed to a complaint which is the only thing fiction can make) against the man/woman, personally going to take the witness stand and verify the complaint (speak it onto the record in open court) and the exact amount claimed, against me/him/her? If they are, I will be happy to compensate them.
The plaintiff (NPower, the 'council', etc) must appear in their personal capacity and point me out as the alleged debtor, not the legal representative or prosecutor who have no first-hand knowledge of anything.'

Then wait for NPower itself or XX Council themselves to take the stand - are they wearing a skirt or trousers? LOL

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