Monday, 23 January 2017

AV7 - Anthony Carlin - Never Book a Judge by his Cover

"Anthony Carlin was a serving Constable with 10 years experience in the Police Service of Northern Ireland. On 12th January 2016 - he stood up during his own civil hearing in the Royal Courts of Justice, identified himself as a Police Officer and arrested Northern Ireland's 2nd most senior Judge. Uniformed Police were called to assist his arrest - but ended up arresting Anthony Carlin instead!

Anthony presents the ongoing story of a Northern Ireland Police officer's fight to save his family home from repossession, by a ruthless UK High Street bank. His own personal investigation into the dodgy dealings led to startling revelations that go to the heart of a fraudulent and corrupt financial system, which controls us all as nothing other than debt slaves. This particular bank, which admitted lying in sworn testimony, is aided by an archaic justice system which serves a fraudulent banking system to the detriment of homeowners.

On Friday 1st April 2016 Anthony Carlin was released from Maghaberry prison in Northern Ireland having served a 3 month sentence (still as a serving Constable) following his highly publicised conviction for Contempt in the face of Court. He was convicted by two senior High Court judges - one of whom sits on the privy council along with the arrested judge. No conflict of interests there then !!
The arrest took place during civil court proceedings where Santander UK Plc were trying to repossess Anthony's family home where he lives with his wife and two daughters. Anthony maintains it was a lawful arrest of the judge and can document evidence for each offence he accuses the judge of and states that the judge is still unlawfully at large, as per PACE legislation.

Due to this criminal conviction Anthony imminently faces being dismissed by the PSNI - likely in early May 2016. No official PSNI investigation has ever been carried out into Anthony's serious allegations of judicial misconduct / criminality. Witnesses state and Anthony maintains that not only was HIS own arrest unlawful, but that the subsequent trial which led to his conviction lacked basic fundamental rights and was a serious miscarriage of justice."

  Anthony Carlin delivers a well-informed presentation at AV7 about his struggle fighting Santander to challenge the validity of his mortgage in light of a subsequent attempt at repossession by the bank, in light of the lack of consideration (a legal term, as in a contract where both parties agree to exchange goods/services of similar value) offered by the bank versus his promise to pay via promissory note.
  The bank also assumed power of attorney without being given permission from its client and denied that it had securitized Anthony's promissory note. Anyone who follow's the Spaniard's White Rabbit videos will be familiar with these shenanigans, but it's fascinating to hear a personal recounting of the story of his fight.