Friday, 31 May 2013

Kent Freedom Movement introduce Habeas FMOTL - It's time for remedy and redress

'The Kent Freedom Movement are proud to introduce "Habeas". With extensive knowledge of Law and the legal system, Habeas kindly shares his knowledge to a full house at the KFM. Coherently and logically Habeas explains how to go about getting remedy and redress from almost any situation. A must watch video for anyone wanting a better understanding of how to apply these remedies to safe guard your Natural God given rights.'
Habeas talks about his own path to remedy and how we all already have our own ability to claim redress within existing law - we just have to know where to find it and learn how to apply it.

Part Two - the Q & A session - is HERE

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Michael Tsarion - Architects of Control: Mass Control & The Future of Mankind

'Produced by Michael Tsarion and Blue Fire Film (aka the Red Ice Creations team), Architects of Control: Program One, explores humankind's future and the posthuman world. Will the "perfect" human be a dumbed down, regimented inhabitant of a cyber purgatory created by unseen elites? Will the children of tomorrow be smiling depressives of a technocratic dystopia?'
Now old Michael can be a bit of a moody type at the best of times, but this documentary made with the help of Henrik Palmgren and company is well worth watching for an overview of the Control System and where it wants to steer the dumbed-down slave population of the world in the future.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Freeman UK - Michael of Bernicia

'Michael of Bernicia of explains his vision for a Universal Community Trust. In this video he outlines his perceptions of the current geo-political situation and goes into the details of his plan to build an alternative de-centralised social structure.'

Monday, 20 May 2013

TheAntiTerrorist on dealing with the Police

This goes back a few years but remains excellent information from our friend in the balaclava. How to contract (or not) with offers made by policy offers on the street and elsewhere.

Watch the entire playlist - in fact if you haven't already, it's recommended that you navigate your way through the AT's complete series of playlists which you can find HERE

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Know Your Rights

Light hearted entertainment about learning your rights. Not to be construed as legal advice.
 Bill Turner once again...good stuff.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Personal Navigation - Dave Mathews and Dean Clifford - Dark City Radio May 9th

Another good show from Dave Mathews concentrating on the legal fiction known as the 'person'. It can't be emphasized too much how important it is to make the distinction between the living man/woman and your corporate entity in commerce aka. the 'person'. Dean Clifford joins Dave later in the show to add his own definitions.
Dark City Radio online

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Freeman UK - A Life of Freedom - Interview with Litmus

'Litmus speaks to paradigm Shift television about his experience of being a freeman. Limus gave up his regular 9-5 job to live a life of freedom on the road as a travelling musician and shares a more spiritual approach to being as well as doing.'

Litmus was a guest of Dean Clifford recently on DC's Wolf Spirit radio show.
You can download the two parts of the show as .mp3s HERE & HERE

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Don Casey - Ratification of Commencement

'Don Casey speaks in Staunton, VA about Liberty and the Law, hosted by the Constitution Party. In this segment he explains the 4 legs of a controversy that are necessary for a judge to have jurisdiction in a case. This is also known as ratification of commencement. This is invaluable information to protect private property (or any personal) rights.'
Forget the insects, LOL - apparently if you challenge the jurisdiction of the court by asking for the ratification/validation of the QUO WARRANTO (Latin: 'by what warrant') before they try to make you accept the jurisdiction of the court, they cannot move forward (very similar to Marc Stevens' approach.)

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

LOAN or SLAVERY? (Video 1) Ex Finance Broker Investigates "Borrowing"

 'This is Video One in the step by step walk through series of an Ex Finance Broker in Perth Western Australia, who publicly demands substantiation from his "Lender" to establish that a "Loan" actually took place. Watch in minute transparent detail, find all supporting documents as downloads on the website together with the rest of the series. Relevant and LIVE.
Feel free to use the template documents for your own investigation if you like.
It all started with the question: "Is there a Loan?" - We let YOU be the judge of that.'
 The first in an excellent series of videos from an Australian point of view (though applicable to any banking institution or lender worldwide) looking at the substantiation of debt, asking questions about how loans are created, the UCC and financing statements, and the three step administrative process available to all.

Part 2 is HERE and the last part is HERE

Monday, 13 May 2013

Steve Hughes on Jobs

No, not Steve Jobs...Steve Hughes, fast approaching the magnificence of Bill Hicks' style of humour, here expressing what many of us feel about the grind of ticktock work schedules.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Freeman UK - The Art of Language - Darren Deogee

Darren Deogee talks to Paradigmshift television about his interpretation of Language and the Law. Darren shares his experiences of questioning the definitions of words used by the authorities to exercise power over us and some interesting concepts in how to bring that power back.
Quality interview with DD exploring how it's best to concentrate on speaking your own truth when going into court, dealing with each case on its own merits, using lateral thinking to bring remedy and to help others consider what they may have overlooked, the Peoples Public Trust, and of course Darren's speciality, the deconstruction of words and language.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Freeman UK - Rusty

'Freeman on the Land Rusty talks to Paradigm Shift Television about his experiences as a freeman. Rusty gives a general overview of some of the basic fundamentals of freeman technologies in a simplistic and easy to understand manner.'
Rusty tells of his adventures in a very entertaining and often amusing way. Check out his tale of the vehicle outside the pub...

Friday, 10 May 2013

What's in a name?

'Why is a name important? Why do they always want our Name and Address?'
Bill Turner suggests some answers to these questions.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Defense Against the Psychopath - Stefan Verstappen on GRTV

'As more and more studies demonstrating the corrosive effect of psychopathy on government, finance, and business emerge, researchers have begun to explore how our society itself has been molded in the psychopaths' image. Now, one of those researchers, Stefan Verstappen, shares his insights on psychopathy in modern culture. This is the GRTV Feature interview on Global Research TV. '

 It's reckoned that at any one time about 3-4% of the world population are clinical psychopaths, and because of their lack of conscience, learnt charisma, acquired charm and perpetual scheming, some of these people will inevitably rise to the top in the professions they choose. These positions will of course include posts where the psychopaths can use their 'authority' to make life hell for the rest of us, governments, corporations, law, police, military etc. James Corbett speaks to Stefan Verstappen about what we can do to identify and to make sure we don't fall prey to these 'inter-species predators'.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

TNS Radio - Seeking Solutions

'This fly-on-the-wall film looks at a week in the life of TNS Radio based in Eire. It looks at the bogus Children's Referendum handing over the children of Eire to the state that has abused them for so long as well as ECB bail out consequences for the Irish people.

The film centres around the multi-track work of web-based TNS Radio with "citizen journalists" and frontline activists highlighted with interviews, compilation clips and actual footage.

TNS Radio was founded by Vincent 'Vin' Byrne and has gone from strength to strength since its beginnings approximately three years ago. It finds much of its veracity in the Irish Constitution, The Bunreacht na hÉireann, pronounced - bunraxt nə ˈheːrʲən.'
Also featuring Ben Gilroy's work in questioning unconstitutional evictions and bailiff thefts of property.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Personal Navigation With Dave Mathews - Show 1 - Darkcity Radio Thursday 2nd May 2013


From the internet radio station that is fast becoming one of my favourites due to its wide-ranging look at various fascinating subjects, Dark City Radio, comes a new show which is aimed at the 'Freeman' community. Hosted by Dave Mathews, it offers a recap of the capacity of having a 'person' and how to negotiate your person's journeys in court and on the seas of Commerce.
 Part two of the show is HERE

Dark City Radio archives in various formats including .mp3 can be found HERE

Monday, 6 May 2013

Free Men Fight Back Conference 20th April 2013 - Rob Freeman

'This conference was about vital information and finding solutions to the tyranny of corrupt government, debt and ultimately Slavery of us, our children and future generations.

Third speaker of the day was Rob Freeman, host of the 'Out of the Matrix' show on Critical Mass Radio. Rob describes how he was forced to face up to the reality of this control matrix when he was forced into a situation of 'pay the corporations or feed his children'. Rob shows how it is possible to fight back and still stay a Free Man.'
Rob covers such varied subjects as debts, motoring 'offences', mortgages, his experiences challenging the court system and his run-ins with policy officers, family trusts and vehicles, etc. Rob will be the subject of a forthcoming documentary which will film his attempts to challenge the validity of his own mortgage, the last debt which he has yet to clear.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Cured: A Cannabis Story (A film by David Triplett)

 A story of how cannabis extract oil cured David Triplett's cancer after he watched RUN FROM THE CURE: The Rick Simpson Story.

1974 study, from Medical College of Virginia:

Yes, it works. Yes, it's out there (if you can get it, or better still make it yourself). No, the government and Big Pharma don't want you to even know about it. But that could all b e changing soon as the government oif the Czech Republic are close to giving approval for medical use of this oil. How long will it be before people in all countries get to hear about the treatment and start to demand access to it? Not long...

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Free Men Fight Back Conference 20th April 2013 - Ceylon

'This conference was about vital information and finding solutions to the tyranny of corrupt government, debt and ultimately Slavery of us, our children and future generations.

Second speaker on the day was Ceylon from the groundbreaking site, arguably the best site of its kind in the world and a first point of reference for people in the UK wanting find solutions to the debt tyranny imposed by the criminal elite.

Free Men Fight Back Conference -- Sponsored by in association with WeAreChange Manchester and Freedom North West.'
Very good talk from Ceylon featuring how to deal with utility companies, bailiffs, TV Licensing, locksmiths, warrants and police and how to issue promissory notes and documents with stamps to reply to claims made by alleged creditors. The last part of the talk concentrates on health issues.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Dean Clifford - Hour 1 - Arrest, Victory & Natural Law

'Dean Clifford’s journey with unraveling the legal system and finding freedom started over a decade ago when the Canada Revenue Agency came after him for not filing taxes in which they demanded him to pay over 3 times his earning. This wasn’t acceptable with him and so he set out to find out how governments manage to force their policy onto the people with impunity. What he discovered was mind blowing. Since then, he has managed to correct his status and undo almost every deceitful contract he was originally tricked into. The CRA is still unable to prosecute him.

Dean delivers seminars, conducts interviews and gives consultations about his discoveries and his lawful remedy in addition to his contracting business. He returns to detail his recent arrest in Canada where he was then held in a maximum security prison in solitary confinement for his political beliefs. He’ll explain how he was released without prosecution, proving his research and method to be true. Then, we’ll discuss the difference between natural law and artificial law. Dean talks about the importance of knowing your natural rights.' 

The first hour of Dean's April 2013 Red Ice interview.