Thursday, 26 February 2015

How to deal with bailiffs. 100% Works A Must See

A bold claim, and I'm not particularly a fan of Mr Witcher and his activities, but there may be some info of worth contained in this.

PS Anyone who spells 'breaking ' as 'braking' needs to be shot.
C'mon people, we're fighting a war of words here - there is no room for spelling mistakes, they will cost you dearly if you don't take care with what you put in front of the Legal Society, who are Word Nerds Supreme...

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Boycott the Bank - Starts 1st Mar 2015 - Who will be the FIRST to go?

Send me to Your Bank, Mortgage Company, Loan Company or Credit Card Company, because unless they CEASE All repossessions, then they are potential candidates for a Game of Boycott the Bank xx
Spaniard needs help to start an offensive to withdraw trust from those banks that are untrustworthy (all of them?), one at a time at first, maybe all of them in turn...let's see what happens.

More info

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Karl Lentz - Know the (Common) Law, Protect Yourself From Their Lies..

Must have slipped by me at the time, but here's Karl on the Richie Allen Show last December talking about his fight to get his 'property' returned and other Common Law issues...

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Red Ice Radio - Laurence Easeman - The People vs The Banks & Russell Brands Botched Revolution

A great show which discusses all manner of parasites and frauds who would lie to you, and plot to steal all your freedoms, financial and otherwise. For open and free minds who want the real truth only...
Laurence's blog

Monday, 2 February 2015

Still Report 356 - Good News From Canada

Another story that you won't hear about on the mainstream media, by design.

A small team has won a suit and consequent court appeal made against them by the Canadian government.
The team had sought a ruling that the Bank of Canada (owned by the People of Canada, unlike the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England etc)) should return to its original mandate, that of issuing debt-free money which it hasn't done since 1974, having replaced the issue of debt-free money with the issue of bonds bought mainly by private banks, so that the Government could borrow money instead.
The government appealed and lost!! It now has 60 days to take the decision to the Supreme Court, which may not happen.

This could be a very interesting development, as it could spread worldwide, given enough publicity.