Sunday, 12 April 2015

Official Offer Made Simple

This a website that is new to me, although the principle behind it is not.
This idea has been developed and proven to work in Ireland and I see no reason as to why it should not work in the UK either.
Basically if you have taken out a mortgage and have found yourself falling behind with the payments, maybe through no fault of your own, and the bank or lender is coming down hard on you and taking you to court, then you would do well to study the information on this website.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Iceland Ready To Axe Rothschild Banking Cartel

Bill Still talks about Monetary Reform in Iceland.

How far will this idea spread, once Iceland shows the way?

Let's not forget what happened in Germany in the 1930s once the NSDAP got rid of their parasite-run banking system, started issuing their own credit notes to workers instead of notes carrying debt, and launched a barter system with other countries, thereby cutting out the middle-men.  The result - full employment within 3 years and a level of prosperity which had not been seen in the Western world for years. Obviously the threat to the world central banking system set by Germany's example was too great, hence the plot to attack and destroy the Reich permanently, and make the world safe for the creeping communism and financial enslavement (privatized profit & socialized debt) we see everywhere today.

 NB - all the countries attacked by the Western 'democracies' as being 'terrorist' states and accused of belonging to an 'Axis Of Evil' have been those issuing their own currency who have not bought into the world central banking system. Just a coincidence? - of course not. Let's see how Iceland is demonized if/when they choose this route of reform.

Daily Telegraph article on this