Monday, 25 April 2016

Littering by Nick J Townsend [Data Protection Act] 2016

Oh well, since the last video posted seems to have disappeared, here's a new one to demonstrate how petty some 'public servants' can be...

'I was given a fixed penalty. I contested it. I was cleared of fines. Know your rights.'

The full story of this attempted extortion can be found here -

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Confronting Plastic Authority

 'An epic street battle.'

An £80 fine for dropping a cigarette butt? I disapprove of littering, but these private enforcement types can take a running jump...

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

You and Your Cash Podcast

Alerting readers to a great new YouTube channel hosted by Simon (Spaniard) Goldberg and Mark Moxom.
It's called You And Your Cash and deals with a variety of financial problems in easy to understand language. Easily worth a subscription.

There is also a website: You And Your Cash

Here's a video about Credit Scores, a topic that confuses a lot of people.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Max Igan on the Anarchast podcast

Jeff interviews Australian freedom fighter Max Igan, topics include: Max's recent politically motivated assault in Australia, Israel's open war crimes in Palestine, Max was deliberately targeted for speaking out, paid pro Israeli propaganda agents, the anti-semitic smoke screen, the geopolitics of the region, planned destabilization in the middle east, false Jews are in charge of Israel, mandatory vaccination in Australia, government itself is a threat to national security, the labeling of protesters as anti-government extremists, this year 2016 people need to stand up and speak to power, The Full Circle Project and support groups, the logical fallacies of the statist, using the system against itself, debt slavery, Kilary Clinton, Ayahuasca and Anarchapulco!

Max is supposed to be appearing at the Brighton Dome to give a talk on March 4th 2016, but this hasn't yet been confirmed as far as I know...