Saturday, 12 December 2015

Simon Spaniard on OYM Radio December 2015

It seems a while since hearing a new interview from El Spaniardo, but here's a recent one from early December this year.
Simon talks to the guys from OYM Radio in Ireland and refreshes our memories about loans and mortgages dipping into his ongoing research into the machinations of the banks and other 'lenders'.

You can download the interview from this link (or play/stream it by clicking the link)
Simon appears around the 17 minute mark and is on for around 90 minutes.

(The videos above are referred to in the course of the interview.)

Friday, 11 December 2015

Karl Lentz 384 - w. Moe - Significance of voiding a Judge's order when you're not party to the case

Interesting incident at a Court of Record in the UK as related on Karl's show.
How to behave when pressured by the men and women acting as court staff who think that you are standing as a legal person and not a Man or Woman.
Don't void orders, as they are payable and can act as considerable leverage.
(With thanks to Craig Lynch for the clip)