Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Fiction Until Proven Fact

Fiction Until Proven Fact from Bluw Media on Vimeo.
'When Helen receives a letter & photograph thru her door from the Crown Prosecution Service, a simple query of factual obligation begins an adventure in legal land!
Many tips & advice on how to represent yourself against people of alleged authority.
Included in this video are Fabrice & Helen's first hand experience with:
Court room preparation, filing paperwork, recording phone calls, media reps to document your case, and keeping all evidence to maintain fairness throughout your adventure. - Enjoy!'
Congratulations to Helen and Fabrice for winning Helen's case (after 8 or 9 appearances in court, I believe).

 However - why on earth would you want to enter into 'their' case as a 'person' (one who has duties and obligations to a certain society - presumably the United Kingdom PLC, have to learn a load of legalese BS (a copyrighted alternative language that is used by an alien society of which you are not a member, unless you want to be a 'person' and not a man/woman), speak in court when everything can be done with paperwork beforehand (it's their 2D world and you are a 3D man/woman), and challenge jurisdiction etc. when really all you should be asking is 'when will the plaintiff appear?'.

 The plaintiff must appear, not the prosecutor (who will never take the stand to accuse you of anything because he/she has no first-hand knowledge of the alleged 'offence'). If the plaintiff in this case is/was West Sussex Police, when will West Sussex Police (the man or woman) take the stand, point across the court and say 'there he/she is, the one who did me harm or wrong'?

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