Friday, 29 November 2013

The Health REVOLUTION [Clive de Carle] 2013

'On the 18th of November 2013 New Horizons Saint Annes were delighted to host Clive de Carle, one of the UK's leading proponents of natural, attainable health.

We, in the UK, are taught that doctors can restore our health and cure our ills. This is misleading as doctors don't study health or cures as subjects at medical school; they study illness, disease, treatments, drugs, radiation, surgery and so forth. For example, most doctors only do one or two hours on nutrition in their entire six years' training !

The world's leading expert on your body is you. No one knows it better. All you need is the insight to make it work optimally.

Unlike doctors, Clive de Carle has studied health, spontaneous remission, longevity, the mind, nutrition, survivors, healthy people and related subjects such as wellness, happiness, success and purpose. Clive's research and depth of knowledge will undoubtedly help us all to improve and extend our lives.'

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