Sunday, 24 November 2013

Mountain Man found guilty and hauled away in handcuffs

A few days ago we posted a story about this Mountain Man who was arrested for fishing. During his court appearance he demolished the judge while defending himself. Well he recently had his sentencing and these idiots found him guilty and took him away in handcuffs. But not before he had one last chance to again destroy the status quo. He was not even allowed to call up one witness.
'Who has the right to tell the Living Man when he can speak and when he cannot speak. What sounds he can make and what sounds he cannot make?'
Link to story

He may be saying what is true in his heart but unfortunately the psycho control freaks who operate the court system won't listen to him. He does challenge them but maybe not in the right way for it to hit home - the judge obviously considers him a 'fringe' character and will not grant him a voice -  a legal challenge to the jurisdiction over him (unfortunately he would be compelled to use their legalese and procedures) should have been the first thing he came out with.

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