Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Eleventh Ticket Kicked in England - Congrats Bradley

'A big congrats to Bradley in England, he's not only had eleven tickets kicked out, this time he got it in writing. From his email to me, Bradley wrote: "Just thought I would let you know I have yet another ticket dismissed using your method, the latest one was dismissed due to "procedural issues". This was for the London congestion charge."

The method is just challenging the predators on the garbage they spew, e.g., they have authority, jurisdiction, their laws apply to us etc. We just want them to verify their opinions.'

Marc Stevens and the No State Project have been running a Traffic Tickets Study for some time now, inviting people to send in success stories beating local government in the area of, unsurprisingly, traffic tickets or PCNs as we Brits know them. Here Bradley from London gets a 'congestion charge' ticket thrown out using Marc's methods of challenging jurisdiction.

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