Saturday, 1 November 2014

Silencing us through Facebook… is it possible?

 I've been asked by Emma to post some information about being blocked from Facebook.

'I've been removed from Facebook for supporting Vanessa and anti fracking !!!
I created an event against fracking can you believe it? just like that within 8 hours. So you won't be able to get hold of me on there. Perhaps you will do the honour of posting this survey from me: xxx Emma De Duchess
If you are at the crime scene of a Rape do you consider that it is your responsibility to ?                                                                                
A) Jump on board and take part in the Rape?                                                   
B) Do nothing and watch and take notes?                                                      
C) Do nothing and walk away, let someone else deal with it.                          
D) Do everything in your power to stop the rape from happening ever again?                     E) Send a Facebook message to all your friends and let them know the rape is happening and hope someone else deals with it.                               
F) I've got too much going on in my life there is nothing I can do anyway that is gonna make a difference.                                                                    
G) Share this event (or the one you create) and set the intention in being a part of the solution, even though we don't yet know how that is gonna look… by making a commitment to stopping this rape and doing at the very least something to support your community and your future generations.            
H) Go to the march on the 4th November to the Houses of Parliament and let the MPs know you shall not be mocked.'
To show your support you can get in touch with Emma via

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