Saturday, 16 August 2014

BULLY BAILIFFS CHASED out of BURY!!! [Police act on their OATH!]

 15th of August 2014 and the attempted eviction from his home by Bully Bailiffs. Having exhausted all legal and lawful means to stop the Banksters stealing his House and Home, Darren called upon the people to come and help defend his home against the Bailiffs. His call was answered. The Bailiff Bullies, one of whom had recently assaulted a pregnant woman at an eviction, were quickly shown the error of their ways in a peaceful and non violent way. The Bury Policemen who attended the attempted eviction shortly after the Bailiffs had been evicted acted in a thoroughly decent manner and, much more importantly, acted upon their respective Oaths and earned the respect of the protectors outside Darren's home.

 The line has been drawn in the sand - We are starting the Fight Back! Are YOU with US???
 Get in Touch and get involved.

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