Thursday, 31 July 2014

Alice in Wonderland - Court of Record

 Minerva: Part of the Capitoline Triad: Virgin Goddess of WAR, WITCHCRAFT, WEAVING, COMMERCE, ART, POETRY: Witches used the wood of a holly-tree as 'wands' (CASTING Spells - Spelling WORDS), therefore: we could call the tool for CASTING Spells: HOLLY-WOOD. Painted as Fiction: yet containing moral and simple truths: hidden in plain sight, portrayed as FICTION to distract you from the truth x Big Love: Enjoy x
 What the animated clip is showing is that you will never win in a court which is not your own - the Crown will set their own rules which you cannot use to win - the only way to be victorious is to convene your own court as a Man or Woman. No-one and no-thing from the World of Fictions can remove you from your own throne in your own court.

 So enter your own Court as the Sovereign and vanquish your opponents, put them in their places as the worthless hollow articles of no-substance that they truly are. After all, the judge is looking for evidence that you know who you truly are, the non-fiction creation who only answers to the ultimate Creator.

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