Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Land Registry Episode 1 - by White Rabbit

Not to be construed as legal advice in any way shape or form. This video contains a Data Subject Access Request being sent to LAND REG. Skip to the last five mins for a great tune and the wording x What this video doesn't show is a great deal of the mucking around employed by LAND REG staff. They chose the wrong day to muck me around x In Any event; big love to all Land Reg staff: the watchers are watching You x

The Official documents show that the 'advance' was completed BEFORE the Mortgage was put in place. The Mortgage could ONLY come into existence AFTER i owned the property; how is this possible? Treasury appear to advance the funds with the help of JP MORGAN and Land Reg: but don't take our word; go investigate yourself - our investigation continues x

Their solicitor from Durham, subsequently phoned me, trying me four or five times before getting hold of me at 6pm on a Friday! I don't know any solicitors (for public agencies) who would do that! So why did they try so hard to speak with me? are they getting worried? something to hide or divert my attentions from?

PS: Check out JP Morgan's involvement and MereBank Ltd x See also the accountability side of things. Our interpretation of things coming soon ;O') x

All information found in the PUBLIC DOMAIN x
Alternate title - 'Is This The Right Place For An Argument?' OR
'Don't fuck with the Spaniard...' LOL.
A lesson in how to deal with so-called Public Servants who talk over the top of you.

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